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1)Excellent low temperature performance;
2)Great characteristics of water resistance, mechanical stability, anti-rust property, Oxidation Stability,
3)Multipurpose, ...
Great property of anti corrosion, effectively preventing the steel wire rope from contacting moisture or salt frog, lowering the probability of contacting external ...
1) Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties effectively prevent wear of friction pairs, point loss, and extending equipment life.
2) Excellent high ...
Excellent properties of high temperature, water proof, pump transfer, antioxidant, and colloid stability.

Applicable to industrial machinery lubrication in ...
1. Excellent Lubrication;
2. Excellent water proof and anti-corrosion capacity.

Used for:
1)lubrication of concrete pumping truck, machinery in ...
1. Good lubrication, sheering stability;
2. Maintaining good performances of anti-water, anti-rust etc.

Suitable for lubrication of the machineries ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece

1. Outstanding high temperature performance, good shear stability, excellent water resistance, extreme pressure and high-performance, adhesion performance, integrated ...
1) Excellent water resistance, consistency changes little during work.
2) Excellent mechanical stability, being not squeezed out during work.
3) Good thermal ...
Excellent abrasion resistance, oxidation stability, mechanical stability, colloid stability, and long service life etc.

For lubrication of high speed ...
1. White smooth appearance reduces environmental pollution;
2. High dropping point;
3. Excellent stability of mechanical, oxidation, colloid.

Used for ...
1. Maintains excellent lubrication performance, anti wear, and extreme pressure property at high temperature.
2. Added a new type of special solid lubricant to reduce ...

1) Chemical stability. Resistant to influence and erosion of chemicals like sulphuric acid, nitrosonitric acid / hydrochloric acid, strong oxidizers, water / water ...
1) Good high temperature performance, dropping point no less than 280 º C, little change of consistency non dropping, no coking, with excellent oxidation stability ...
1) Applicable to the damping between plastic - plastic, plastic - metal, metal -metal.
2) Excellent sealing and anti-rust property.
3) Excellent adhesion and ...
1) The damping torque is stable and smooth at different temperatures.
2) Excellent resistance to water seal, rust-proof and shock absorption, insulation.
3) Excellent ...
1. Excellent carry capacity under heavy load, good anti-wear properties.
3. Compatible with a vast majority of sealing materials, plastics and paint.
4. Excellent high ...
1) Excellent high temperature performance, very long operation life and good lubrication under high temperature.
2) Good oxidation stability, rust-proof performance. ...
1) Excellent adhesion, rust preventive, wear resistant.
2) Excellent waterproof, anti-corrosive.
3) Excellent high temperature performance, extreme pressure properties ...
Good lubrication, water resistant, adhesion, gas and oil resistant, resistant to corrosive medias.

For gas valves and pipes under high and low ...
1) The Lubricating, damping, and noise damping effects are maximized, due to the lubrication and damping adjusted to the right balance.
2) Excellent protection and ...
1) Good high temperature performance, operating temperature can be 250 degrees Celsius;
2) Great abrasion resistance, being able to bear considerably high load;
3) ...
1) Comparatively high dropping point.
2) Good mechanical stability
3) Good colloid stability.
4) Extremely long operation life.
5) Low coefficient of friction.
1) Excellent lubrication, good high temperature performance.
2) Strong electricity and thermal conductivity.
3) Good performances of waterproof, anti-corrosion, and ...
1) Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, anti wear, and water resistant.
2) Excellent oxidation resistance, mechanical stability and adhesion.
3) Small ...
1) Good mechanical stability and thermal stability, excellent adhesion, durably reducing noise.
2) Excellent water-resistance and lubrication, and the carrying capacity ...
1) Excellent extreme pressure and wear resistance performance, which make it withstands high impulse pressures.
2) Strong adhesion to metal and plastic surfaces, which ...
Multi Purpose Lithium Base Grease(1#, 2#, 3#), Technical Specifications of (1#, 2#, 3#)

This product is made of refined base oil, thickened by fatty acid metallic soap ...
Min. Order: 1 kg

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